Health Insurance

Health insurance is essential for covering health care costs. Consumers need to be informed regarding their health insurance options. It’s also vital for employers to provide health insurance to their employees. At Lake Central Insurance Brokers, we provide health insurance policies to those living and working in Brainerd, MN.

There are a wide variety of options available regarding insurance for Minnesota residents. Those residing in the state can choose the most appropriate plan for their needs depending on their finances and their health condition.

Consumers could choose less expensive health insurance plans through the purchase of catastrophic health insurance. This type of insurance coverage kicks in for very costly health conditions. It is more affordable than a full coverage health insurance plan. For greater security and complete coverage, consumers can opt for a full-coverage policy.

Available plans vary widely in terms of what types of treatment they cover. They also vary widely in terms of co-pay or deductible payment amounts. Consumers can save money on their monthly premiums by opting for high deductible plans. Among the types of coverage consumers need to look into when choosing a plan is coverage for emergency care, prescription drugs, hospitalization, preventive medicine, and maternity care.

The individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act is no longer in force requiring individuals in the state to carry health coverage. However, consumers need insurance to protect their financial security in the event that they experience an accident or become ill. Employers also benefit from offering health insurance coverage because they attract more high-quality job candidates when they provide this crucial benefit.

If you’re looking for the right health insurance for yourself or your employees, contact us at Lake Central Insurance Brokers in Brainerd, MN to learn more about our policy offerings in Minnesota.

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