Auto Insurance

The state of Minnesota requires vehicles that operate on the public roadways to carry auto insurance. Your auto insurance policy must include personal injury protection, liability, underinsured motorist, and uninsured motorist coverage. At Lake Central Insurance Brokers in Brainerd, MN, we fully understand state requirements and can help you get a policy that meets the state minimum requirements. Here’s a look at how auto insurance works in Minnesota.

Understanding the Different Types of Coverage in a Policy

The type of insurance required for autos in Minnesota is more comprehensive than minimum liability insurance. Your policy will provide coverage for:

  • Personal injury protection pays you for medical expenses, lost wages, and replacement services.
  • Liability which handles claims against your policy from another driver and their vehicle when you’re at fault in an accident.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage pays for medical bills when the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have enough liability coverage.
  • Uninsured motorist takes effect when the other motorist does not have insurance and your personal injury protection benefits are exhausted.

Minimum Coverage Requirements for Auto Insurance

Each section of the policy is required to have a minimum payout amount. They include:

  • Personal injury protection: $40,000 per person per accident.
  • Liability : $30,000 for injuries to one person, $60,000 for injuries to two or more individuals, and $10,000 for physical damage to other driver’s vehicles or property.
  • Uninsured: $25,000 for injuries to one person, $50,000 for injuries to two or more individuals
  • Underinsured: $25,000 for injuries to one person and $50,000 for injuries to two or more individuals

In the event you take out a loan to buy your vehicle, your lender will require you to carry additional insurance in the form of comprehensive and collision coverage.

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